About Us

About Rochester Optical

Our personalised eye care helps individuals see well, stay healthy and maximize their vision potential.
That vision drives everything we do.

History of Excellence

Rochester Optical began as one of the few manufacturers of high-quality optical lenses in Rochester UK. Having gained a reputation for service and quality, the company established ongoing contracts with the Ministry of Defence to supply our armed forces with rugged, combat-ready eye wear.

Our first retail store opened in the same location as our manufacturing company and lab but now operates from new locations in the London area

Without a middleman, we could offer our retail customers direct savings without sacrificing quality and service on a wide range of Optical Products including Lenses,.Low vision aids, and contact lenses.

Since our early beginnings in the optical Industry we eventually developed many connections in the Retail optical industry and now work in close conjunction with the London Microsuction Network providing a wider range of services including audiology.

In all of the optical Outlets full-time optometrist’s are available to care of eye-care needs and also qualified Audiologists are on hand to care of hearing clients

With several locations at the present time, Rochester Optical is enabling changes to the way Rochester and district people choose and wear eye-wear and hearing needs

We Also now provide an Audiology Department where patients can now have compete hearing care, including Microsuction Earwax removal

In Our Community

We make clear vision possible through dedication and service with a commitment to providing the best eye care and eye-wear possible.
We also provide students, based on their financial and vision needs, with free vision care—including eye exams and new eye-wear.

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