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Optical and Audiology Centres

Optical and Audiology Centres 1

Eye exams, Eyeglasses, Designer brands, Contact lenses and Audiology.

Our wide selection of leading designer fashion and sports eyeglasses offers you and your family the latest brands, styles, and materials to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Eye-Care for Kids

Optical and Audiology Centres 2

Your Children are your most valuable asset and they also sometimes need a little extra help with their vision. Here at Rochester Optical we understand the pressures that can be placed on Parents with the cost of providing a nice looking pair of spectacle Frames without Bursting an ever stretched family budget so decided to offer special 2 for the price of one packages. Aks our Optometrist to show you our extensive range of Children’s Spectacle frames



Optical and Audiology Centres 3

Providing Expert Ear Wax Removal In London And The Home Counties Using Microsuction

If you have blocked ears, or concerns about your hearing in general, you are in the right place! Please take a moment to look around, and feel free to discover more about microsuction and read the 5 star reviews our patients have written, before booking your appointment.

Audiologist-led Network Of Earwax Removal Clinics


We are an Audiologist-led network of earwax removal clinics. An audiologist is “a health care professional who is trained to evaluate hearing loss and related disorders, such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and to rehabilitate individuals with hearing loss and related disorders.” The advantage is that if you feel that you have an ear wax blockage, but it turns out that there isn’t any, we can also provide hearing tests and give unbiased independent advice on the best treatment.

Our partner opticians, pharmacies and health centres enable us to bring microsuction to your local area at an affordable price, and you don’t  need a medical referral to use our services.


At Rochester Optical, you’ll find the latest trends in fashion sunglasses and the most innovative lens technologies, including Transitions®, DriveWear®, and polarized lenses. We’ll help you choose the right lenses to give you optical vision outdoors.


Our stores carry the widest selection of high-performance athletic sunglasses and sports eyewear, ranging from Nike, Bollé, Adidas, and other leading brands. Our sports vision specialists can help you choose the right protective eyewear and lenses for the sports you play.


If you wear contact lenses, Rochester Optical offers everyday value on the most popular brands. Our in-store doctors will provide you with an exam, fitting, contacts (including disposables), and follow-up care

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